ATM's in Prague

Prague has a quite good network of cash machines located all through the city. You can find them at every metro station, close to banks and at post offices. They usually accept all major international credit and debit cards like VISA, MC, Maestro, Cirrus, and Visa Electron. Some of them also accept AMEX and Dinners Club. Most ATM's will provide operating instructions in English, German and French. Usually there are no extra charges for money withdraws. 


UK visitors. All UK issued credit/debit cards are accepted!


Be aware: The external ATM's of some Prague bank branches have been targeted in the past for a copy scam. For your safety use an ATM located within a bank.


Atm in Prague

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Said this on 7-17-2010 At 01:43 am
Well warned! We have taken several steps to prevent this happening to us.
Post office travel money card, loaded in UK with enough EUROs to see us through the 7 day trip in PRAHA/Prague. Carrying local currency in small notes and coin, in our pockets, for tips, incidentals and in case of pickpockets.
ALL our flights, transfers to and from the airport, and to and from some of our trips are paid for in advance, via PRAGUE EXPERIENCE, two lovely lassies, Krystiana and Marie, in London, have taken great care when helping us to enjoy Prague and not fall into scams and criminals.
ALL our day trips, and our night on the Jazz boat, are paid for in £s, in advance.
So the only cash money we require is for our food for the flat as it is self-catering, and I've located a TESCO not far away. So we can buy our food and toiletries there, and cart them home on foot, safely...or take a tram and use the local dosh.
Meals out will be rare, as I have allergies, so restaurants and cafes will be ones not used by tourists, but by the local expat community, and the their own currency!!
Finally - for those who have never been to Prague or the Czech Republic, like us, a tip...
Register yourselves with "LOCATE", the British Embassy and Consulate. They take your names, flight details, passport details and your emergency contact/next of kin in UK - and where you are staying, dates etc on their website. IF anything happens to your flight in, or out, or to you (accident, crime, arrest god forbid - they KNOW all about you and can assist)
also get an EHIC sorted out before you go. It's our NHS while you are overseas in Europe.
European Health Insurance dont have to pay even for being in hospital, or an op - dental treatment - anything covered by our own NHS...but to be safe, I've also taken out a single trip TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH AVIVA, whom we have our contents insurance and partners' private pension with. For only £60 for two of us, we are covered, our bags and money, our cards, our clothing, and the camcorder --- everything is covered from leaving the house, to coming home to ??? anything. Well worth the organising and the cost.
Peace of mind.
Enjoy your hols guys!
We's our last BIG one before we retire.
Said this on 9-20-2008 At 03:40 pm
Just what I needed, thanks

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