Clubs and Nights Out

club__prague_dance.jpgAfter a long day of walking and visiting monuments you might find relaxing refuge in Prague's nightlife. Have a few drinks and listen to live rock, jazz or folk music in some of the pubs in the Old Town or head straight to the stylish nightclubs. Prague is not a synonym for cutting-edge clubbing but there's plenty of nightlife.

Adult Clubs

Sex sells, and that is definitely the truth when it comes to the city of Prague.  The city is famous for its sex clubs and they have something for just about any taste.  Most of these clubs are clean and well organized.  If you visit one, the rules are explained by the manager or bouncer and safe sex is always practiced.

Prague Strip Clubs

The boom in sex tourism visitors along with the popularity of stag and hen parties has created a large adult industry catering both for tourists and recently also more and more for locals. The side streets off the Wenceslas Square and the Square itself have the highest concentration of strip clubs. The most famous and most expensive clubs are Goldfingers, located under the Ambassador Hotel, Darling Cabaret and K5 Relax.

Prague Nightlife

Visitors to Prague will have a lot of options when looking to go clubbing till the early morning hours. The nightlife scene can't quite match London and other big cities, but that can be a good thing too in terms of price and lesser crowds.

Clubs in Prague

Clubs in Prague are spread all around, but each area has its own certain style. Most clubs & discos in Prague will play Euro pop, MTV hits, hip pop, techno, house and rave for young people.