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A Hotel Taxi in Prague: What to Beware of

According to the experiences of visitors to Prague, hotels in Prague try more or less to force ordering a hotel taxi rather than a cheaper common radio cab option.

Almost every hotel, hostel, pension, and holiday apartment in Prague provides its own transport using the hotel or its contractual partners. While this service is certainly very comfortable and useful to a certain extent, it also carries many drawbacks. The greatest drawback is simply the price, ranging from CZK 500 to 2,000 for a journey to Prague airport, or about CZK 400 for a journey to the railway station or bus station. These prices are higher compared to a classic radio cab, sometimes by a factor of several. In some cases, the quality of the car fleet is problematic (mainly in the case of hotels of lower category). On the contrary, an advantage of hotel taxis is that the carriage may be added to your hotel accommodation bill, and cars usually park right in front of the hotel, so waiting for a car is eliminated.


Hotel Taxi

It very often happens that hotel staff, instead of ordering the requested taxi from the regular company, will order a customer a different taxi on which they earn a commission or their hotel taxi. Of course, this commission is then paid by the customer in the form of a higher fare.

We recommend a hotel taxi only to those in a hurry and need to have a car quickly. On the contrary, if you want to save money, place your order for a taxi directly with some renowned companies such as, e.g. AAA Taxi or Prague Airport Transfers.



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