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Activities in Český Krumlov

Day Trip or Stay Overnight?

It’s too far for a full-day trip from Prague, but you might as well consider staying one or two nights. When you stay longer, besides enjoying exploring the town, the Cesky Krumlov area is also great for hiking or biking in the surrounding fields.

Canoeing and Rafting the Vltava

For those looking for a bit of fun and adventure while visiting Český Krumlov, a spot of canoeing or rafting on the river could be a perfect choice. Whether you take a quick 30-minute paddle or spend half the day on the river is entirely your choice. Still, you will probably end up at the Zlatá Koruna Abbey, where you will then be able to get a lift back to town from the rafting company or make your own way back, either on foot or using pedal-power. The river is very safe to paddle around on, but be warned: you won’t be dry when you finish, so this is best enjoyed during hotter weather.

On the route to Zlatá Koruna Abbey, you’ll have plenty of chances to jump out of the boat and head into one of the pubs or cafes along the route. There is a small white-water area, but if you are in a canoe and tip over, it’s so shallow that you can stand up and right the canoe again.

There are three options for you to choose from if you fancy hitting the river while here, and these are a kayak, a canoe (quicker and less work, but more likely to tip over) or a raft (more stable, but also more work and slower). The prices are for the boat, regardless of whether there are 2-6 people aboard, and will include a map, waterproofs and transport back to the town.

The easiest and fastest way to get on the water is to take a quick half-hour paddle around the city’s peninsula, starting and finishing at opposite sides of the isthmus. You could even do it twice if you fancied it! It costs 400 CZK for 1 or 2 people in either a canoe or a raft.

The other option is to head out on a three hour trip to Zlatá Koruna Abbey, which will take in loads of great scenery and has a great riverside pub about two hours into the journey. You’ll also get to see the Zlatá Koruna Abbey, which is a must-visit when coming to this part of the Czech Republic. It’s about nine miles in total and costs 700 CZK for 1-2 people. The rental company will arrange to get you back to the town when you have arrived at Zlatá Koruna Abbey.

Many different companies are offering you the chance to get on the river, with Půjčovna Lodí Maleček Boat Rental probably being the best, as they have longer opening hours. Another good choice would be Vltava Sport Service, which also rents mountain bikes should you wish to cycle back to town.


The most popular hike in Český Krumlov is to the Křížový Vrch, as this only takes about twenty minutes, therefore leaving plenty of time for other pursuits. Walk to the end of Rooseveltova street, cross at the traffic light, then head straight for the first (empty) chapel-like Station of the Cross. Turning right, it’s easy to navigate along with successive Stations of the Cross until you reach the white church on the hill (closed), set in the middle of wild meadows. The view of the town from this location is an absolute joy to behold, with the river perfectly framing the town with its meandering bends.

Horse Riding

Suppose you fancy some riding lessons, head past Křížový Vrch, about a mile and a half out of town. Here you will find Slupenec Horse Riding Club, who are the best in the area for this pursuit.

A one-hour session here will cost you 300 CZK, and this can either be outdoors or in the ring. If you want to make a day of it, 2,200 CZK will get you an all-day ride. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday, between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. For more information, visit www.jk-slupenec.cz.



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