Agharta Jazz Club

Situated just a few minutes’ walk from Old Town Square this is a very popular city centre jazz club. It was opened one day after the death of Miles Davis, pioneer of modern jazz and it was named – as you probably know if you are familiar with jazz – after his popular album from the 70s. The club is divided into three parts: firstly, a bar room with tables where you can sit and drink the best Prague jazz coffee and where you don’t need to pay an entrance fee; the second room is a CD shop where you could buy any jazz recording – even new and avant-garde recordings and a main room where concerts are held; the third room is huge and there are many tables with chairs. You have to pay a standard entrance fee of 200 CZK to enter this room. The walls of the club are made of bricks; the club is in the cellars of an old building so the interior looks quite old with wooden tiling covering the bricks. A jazz venue which is, in one word, cool.

Every day there is a live jazz concert. Other activities of Agharta also include the annual Agharta Prague Jazz Festival which has featured various distinguished artists.

Address: Zelezna 16, Prague 1
Phone: + 420 222 211 275
Opening time: Jazz Club + bar open daily 19:00-01:00; live music daily 21:00-24:00.


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