Aromi, Mánesova 78, Vinohrady, Prague

If you wish to experience a wonderful Italian meal while in Prague, visit Aromi.  With seating for over 80 guests, a particular family-run restaurant provides a warm and elegant setting in the traditional Italian style. Shelves filled with wine bottles and cook books and a view of the open kitchen give you the ambience of a homey Italian kitchen. The heart of Vinohrady quarter, one of the most desirable residential areas of Prague, is filled with restaurants and antique shops. Visitors to the Czech Republic can enjoy a traditional Italian meal and rest after a day of sightseeing and shopping.

Aromi Prague

Chefs at Aromi make their own pasta; the excellent ravioli is an experience in itself. Imagine your server setting a plate of bright sunny yellow round ravioli in front of you. Pick up a fork and bite through the firm pasta into a gooey filling of eggplant and mozzarella cheese mixed with cream to a soft, tasty consistency then topped with fresh basil, butter and slices of peeled tomato. This dish is high-priced at 345 CZK for a not overly large serving, but to some individuals, it’s worth it.

Owner and head chef Riccardo Lucquecomes from the Marche area of Italy. Many of the ingredients Mr. Lucque uses in his kitchen are imported from that region. The nearby Aromi La Bottega, a spinoffof Aromi, shares these ingredients which include salamis and prosciuttos, olive oil, wine and cheese.

The Aromi’s fresh fish is exceptional, and one reason why Aromi has gained a lot of respecton the Prague dining circuit. Servers bring diners huge trays of turbot, live lobsters, sea bass, and other choices from which they can make their selection. The staff recommends methods of preparation or will follow your instructions. The waiter cleans and divides the prepared fish at the table, and arranges the fish on the diners’ plates. Such tableside service is uncommon, but adds to the laidback ambiance.

Aromi Prague

The service at Aromi is very good, if a little brusque. You will appreciate the fact that Mr. Lucque makes rounds to each table making sure that everything is satisfactory. That personal touch keeps Aromi full. Aromi is popular and a lot of people repeatedly return; the restaurant is crowded nearly every night.


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