Available salaries in Prague

There are a number of factors involved with the salaries in Prague. These numbers depend on the field itself and the expertise that it requires. Certain fields and specialties are always going to earn higher than others. Here are some of the details related to the salaries in Prague:


salaries in PragueAverage Salary

In Prague the average monthly salary before taxes are applied is 30,000 CZK, while for the rest of the country it is 23,000 CZK. The highest average salary is 45,000 CZK. There are a variety of fields that fit into this category. The IT field, along with insurance and finance, are some of these. The lowest fields include those in hospitality. Their average salary would range from 13,000 CZK to 16,000 CZK. Each year wages are expected to increase in the range of 4-8%.


Minimum Wage

Those who fall in the minimum wage area earn about 8,000 CZK. These are usually workers who are not skilled in specialties. Skilled workers, like company directors, can earn up to 16,000 CZK.


Salaries for teaching English

There are different categories when it comes to this field. These jobs range from teachers at state schools, universities, and the private sector. Teachers in the private sector can expect payment per the amount of time they teach. A 45 minute session can earn you anywhere from 150-250 CZK. Those teachers employed at private schools can earn up to 400 CZK in this time period. Freelancers may ask for as much as 500 CZK. It is necessary to have a business license in order to work as a freelancer in Prague. Teachers at universities can earn as much as 30,000 CZK per month.

Some companies that hire these teachers pay more when the work is outside of Prague. They pay for accommodations which is a great benefit. In some cases, these accommodations are company flats or apportioned rent payments.


Work in translation

Expats are able to find good jobs in the field of translation. Standard prices however are more difficult to settle on here. Translation work is usually in the field of documents. One standard page of translation can pay up to 250-500 CZK. This could be a page of up to 1800 keystrokes. Depending on the type of document the fee could be more or less. Legal documents tend to cost more for translation. Fiction would cost less than this. Proofreading is also factored into this job title. The cost here is 100-150 CZK.

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