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Jiri Grossmann Theatre

Black Light Theatre in Prague

This theatre is conventionally located in the heart of the city – Wenceslas Sq. Daily performances start at 20:00. This great performance of a 3D stage show is famous for its originality and shouldn’t be missed while you’re in Prague. The ticket cost 15 EUR per adult person.

Black Light Theatre

  • Original Czech Black light theatre performance WOW Show
  • Non- verbal show full of surprising moments
  • Extravaganza based on effects of UV lights and fluorescent colours
  • Only show where dancers, actors and props will levitate above audience heads
  • The interactive show, where participation of the audience is welcome
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Theatre with a capacity of 300 seats in the very heart of Prague
  • Possibility of having a show at any location chosen by your clients (suitable for gala dinners…)
  • Private shows available any time of the day, the possibility of catering, welcome drinks etc.

For more info, visit www.wow-show.com

Black light theatre Wow Theatre Blanik, +420 777 061 623 office tel. no: +420 224 033 333-4; e-mail: [email protected]



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