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Campsites in Prague

Most of the campsites in Prague are located close to Trója. Trója has quite good access to a city centre via public transport. Other locations include Aritma Dzban, Kotva Branik and Prazacka. Facilities in camps sites are not that great and not suitable for everyone but remain one of the cheapest ways of accommodation. The price starts at 200 CZK for a one-person tent. Note that most campsites are closed from November until April. For online camps search and booking in the Czech Republic, visit www.camp.cz

Dzban Camp SK Aritma

The Dzban Camp is another location to consider here. There are approximately 120 spaces available here for campers to choose from. You will find a kitchen here for guests to use. There is also a restaurant and a miniature market. Washing machines and drinking water are other amenities found at this location. The camping costs here begin at 95 CZK. Bungalows are available for 600 CZK per night and hostels for around 250 CZK.

Address: Nad Lávkou 5, 160 05 Prague 6; www.campdzban.eu

Tip: Cheap shuttle from Prague Airport to your campsite.

Apple Garden Caravan Camp

Mr. Václav Filip, Šeberov 20, 149 00 Prague 4
Tel./fax: (+420) 244 913 507

Autocamp Zadní Trebán – Ostrov

Mr. Michal Gabriel, Saratovská 29, 100 00 Prague 10

Camp Bušek Praha

U parku 6, 182 00 Prague 8 – Brezineves

Camp Dana Trója

Trojská 129, 171 00 Prague 7  

Camp Drusus

Trebonice 4, 155 00 Prague 5

Camp Fremunt

Trojská 159, 171 00 Prague 7

Camp Herzog

Trojská 161/602, 171 00 Prague 7

Camping Mechenice

Prague-West, 252 06

Camp Matyáš

Vrané nad Vltavou 19, 252 46

Camp Prager

V Ladech 3, 149 00 Prague 4-Šeberov

Camping Sokol Dolní Pocernice

Národních hrdinu 290, 190 12 Prague 9

Camp Sokol Trója

Trojská 171a, 171 00 Prague 7

Caravan Camp

Plzenská 279, Prague 5
Tel.: (+420) 257 210 140

Caravan Camp Císarská Louka

Císarská louka 162, Prague 5
Tel./fax: (+420) 257 317 555  

Caravan Park Yacht Club

Císarská louka 599, 150 00 Prague 5-Smíchov

Interkamp Kotva Braník

U ledáren 55, Prague 4
Tel.: (+420) 244 461 712


Ústecká ulice, 184 00 Prague 8-Dolní Chabry

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