Even though Prague is not a big city you can find a significant number of hotels here (if we count serviced apartments as well we get very close to 1,000). The quality of accommodation is generally good and meets international standards. But there is no unitary system of classifying them, so the number of stars you will see displayed at a hotel doesn’t necessarily match with international regulations, so quite often a 4 star hotel is in fact just a good 3 star hotel. Service at the city’s higher-end hotels is comparable to that of any EU capital.

Hotel prices are similar to the rest of Europe (in particular Vienna or Budapest) and, generally, the further you are from the centre, the less expensive the hotels are. However, this is not always the rule. As Prague is not a large city and public transport is cheap and reliable, it is not difficult to stay somewhere a few tram or undergound stations away from the major sightseeing places. It doesn’t mean you should stay in the outskirts of Prague just to save a couple of euros, but do check distance to the city centre on Google and then decide if the hotel deal is worth it. 

Recommended hotels for:

Romance: Ventana Hotel, Hotel Josef or Santini Residence.
Miss Sophie’s Hostel or Guest House Lida.
Residence Retezova or Residence Belehradska Apartments.
Andel’s Hotel, as it is a wonderfully stylish hotel with facilities you most likely will not encounter even remotely elsewhere within its price range.
Boutique hotel Savic for its great location close to the Old Town Square.

Most hotels have three seasons rates based on the following dates:

– Low Season  (3rd JAN to MAR 29th and 4th NOV to DEC 27th)
– Mid Season (29th MAR to NOV 4th)
– High Season (27th DEC to JAN 3rd)

Compare hotels prices in Prague:

Hotels in Prague – Introduction

More hotels than streets There are about 300 named streets in the city centre (Prague 1) and more than 320 hotels. There are more and more hotels now where you can stay at reasonable prices (many hotels have dropped their prices), ranging from 1000 CZK per person outside the city …

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Conference and congress hotels in Prague

Here we list largest conference and congress hotels in Prague.   Top Hotel Hotel has congress capacity up to 4 290 guests. The hotel offers the widest range of services under one roof in the Czech Republic: Accommodation, conference halls and rooms with a total area of 4,500 square metres …

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Recommended hotels

Mandarin Oriental One of Prague’s top hotels, the Mandarin occupies the converted premises of a 17th century Dominican monastery. The interiors were designed by the same team responsible for the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Some rooms have antique parquet floors, some have vaulted ceilings, others are completely modern; the …

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Prague’s most luxurious hotels

Luxury hotels in Prague are expensive in relation to the other costs of your trip. Below are listed our best picks.   Prague Aria Hotel Art at every step Already when entering the Aria boutique hotel you will be addressed by a horse miniature known from Myslbek´s statue of St. …

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