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Bethlehem Chapel

The Bethlehem Chapel was built by followers of the radical preacher, Jan Milic of Kromeriz, between 1391 and 1394. In 1402, a priest and professor named Jan Hus was appointed rector. He drew huge crowds to his sermons, which were given in Czech, rather than Latin. Hus’s demands for reform and attacks on the wealth and corruption of the Catholic hierarchy became so vigorous that he was excommunicated, arrested for heresy and finally burnt at the stake in 1415. The chapel was restored by the Communists as they saw in Jan Hus a good example of working class revolutionary. Today you can see the Jan Hus Monument at the Old Town Square and also on 6th July there are celebrations, gatherings and bell-ringing at the Bethlehem Chapel in commemoration of him.

Location: Betlémské náměstí 4, Old Town
Phone: +420- 224 248 595
Open: Nov-Mar 10am-5.30pm Tue-Sun; Apr-Oct 10am-6.30pm Tue-Sun
Admission: 40 CZK (reduced 20 CZK)

Bethlehem Chapel

Located on the north side of Betlémské námestí, the Bethlehem Chapel is a faithful reconstruction of the original 14th century church in which Jan Hus preached between 1402 and 1413. Chapel was built by followers of the radical preacher Jan Milíč between 1391 and 1394. At the time, Prague’s Catholic …

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