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Clam-Gallas Palace

Clam-Gallas Palace was built by Italian architect Domenico Canevale in 1713. This palace used to be the palace where balls and concerts were held in the 18th century, attended for example by Mozart and Beethoven. The interior of this magnificent Baroque building has been lovingly restored. The two pairs of Hercules statues statues by Matthia Bernard Braun, on the grand portals give a feel of what lies within. The main staircase also has Braun statues, and is set off by a ceiling fresco, The Triumph of Apollo by Carlo Carlone. The palace now houses the Archives of Prague and generally is not open to the public.

Location: Clam Gallasův Palác, Husova 20, Old Town
Open: for concerts and temporary exhibitions only
Admission: free

Clam-Gallas Palace

Named after the wealthy patron of the arts, Vaclav Gallas, this outstanding Baroque palace was built by Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach (between 1713 – 1719). There are statues made by Matthias Bernhard Braun and a theatre where Beethoven performed some of his works. The palace has been restored and …

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