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Prague Castle

Prague Castle is astonishing – size of a small town and includes churches, galleries, gardens and state buildings. The Castle’s château-like appearance dates from 1753 to 1775, situated atop a large hill on the left bank of the Vltava River dominating Hradcany Quarter with majestic assurance. It is one of the places you simply must visit, either independently or as a part of a guided tour. The tour of Prague Castle takes two hours if you do not enter the buildings and the gardens. A thorough inspection of Prague Castle may take the whole day, but without the art galleries, four hours suffice. Earphones for an audio-guided tour are available at the information centre. The major sights of Prague Castle are St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Royal Palace and Golden Lane. Before you leave the castle complex one thing you MUST do – climb the tower. The sight over the whole city is amazing.

Location: Hradcany
Open: Castle complex, daily 05.00-midnight; premises, 26 Mar-Oct daily; 09.00 until 17.00 Nov 15-Mar daily.

Story of Prague Castleadult 140 CZK, Open: 9am-6pm Apr-Oct, to 4pm Nov-Mar. This is one of the castle’s newest and most compelling exhibitions, with displays expertly presented in a low-lit, state-of-the-art environment and explained in English. The collection of armour, jewellery, glassware, furniture and other artefacts traces more than 1000 years of castle history. One outstanding sight is the skeleton of the pre-Christian ‘warrior’, still encased in the earth where archaeologists found him within the castle grounds.

Lobkowicz Palace

Built in 1570, this palace houses an exquisite collection of Czech history and old master paintings by Canaletto, Brueghel, Velázquez and others. You can admire there one of the most important collections of arms in Central Europe and original manuscripts by Mozart and Beethoven. – Lobkowicz Palace Café & Restaurant …

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Sternberg Palace

Sternberg Palace (Šternberský palác) is open for the public after the reconstruction in the years 2002 and 2003. The palace houses permanent exposition of old European Baroque Art (Collection of Old Masters), for instance paintings by El Greco, Rembrandt (portrait Scholar in his Study 1634) and Rubens. The gallery’s proudest …

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Archbishop’s palace

Since 1562, this architectonic jewel with rococo facade is the seat of the archbishop and primate of Bohemia. The Archbishop’s Palace is on the site of eight former burgher homes. Florian Grispek of Griesbach first had it built after 1538. He then ceded it to the monarchy, which then passed …

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Basilica of St. George

St. George’s Basilicais just next to the Royal Palace. It is Prague’s oldest and best preserved Romanesque structure, dating from the 10th century. Founded by Prince Vratislav 1 (915-921) it was extended in 973 when a new Convent of Church of St. George was built in its vicinity. After a …

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Old Royal Palace

With construction of the first fortification of the Prague Castle in the 11 th century, the place became the seat of Bohemian princes. The buildings belong to three different architectonic periods. There is the Romanesque palace built by Soběslav I around 1135, whose ruins are in the basement. Then there …

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Jeleni Prikop

This is a naturally occurring gorge within the complex of Prague Castle. Its’ area spans 8 hectares and it is intersected by the Brusnice Stream. This dike is presently partitioned into 2 sections – lower and upper. Originally, the gorge was utilized just as a barrier for protection, but under …

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Martinicky Palace

The Martinický palace (Martinic Palace) on the Hradčanské square, newly opened to the public, offers the chance to view its interiors, to rent its rooms for various events, or to attend some of the events organised here. The Martinický palace is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Prague. …

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White Tower

The artillery tower became a dark dungeon during the reign of Rudolph II. It is situated at the west end of Golden Lane at Prague Castle.   Dungeon in the White Tower The White Tower was built at the end of the 15th century and fundamentally rebuilt in the Renaissance …

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Rosenberg Palace

This large palace is located on Jirska Street in the area of the Prague Castle. Originally a Renaissance palace of the noble family of Rosenberg, it was rebuilt in Baroque style and used as a residence for unmarried women from insolvent noble families.   Palace of the noble family of …

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Old Provost Residence

You can see the Old Provosty, the former seat of the Prague bishops, by the south-western corner of St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle. The bishop residence was already there in the 11th century and there are the remains of the huge former Romanesque palace kept there.   Remains …

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