Synagogue Smichov

The Smichov Synagogue was built in 1863, originally in the neo-Romanesque and Moorish styles, to serve Smichov’s Jewish community. Jews had lived in Smichov since the mid-18th century, and fought for many years to have a synagogue of their own. It was later rebuilt by a functionalist architect, which explains its rather drab exterior. After World War II the synagogue was closed and Communists gave the building to the CKD heavy engineering works. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 the synagogue was returned to Prague’s Jewish community. The Jewish community recently renovated the synagogue, which is now serving as a depository for the Jewish Museum.

Synagogue in Smichov

The synagogue dating from 1983 has a colourful history: at one time, it was downgraded to a storehouse, and since the 1990’s it was carefully renovated in several steps as well as extended. Today, the building serves as archive space for the Jewish Museum. In addition, reading and study rooms …

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