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Church of St Gilles

The church is Gothic from the outside and baroque from the inside and was founded in 1371. Tucked away among narrow streets and alleyways, the Church of St. Gilles (Kostel St. Jilji) houses immaculately detailed statues guarding Renaissance-era paintings lining the walls and ceiling. The church’s altar is absolutely stunning, adorned with gold relics and centred around the unforgettable image of the Crucifixion. The vaults have remarkable frescoes by Václav Vavřinec Reiner.

Location: Husova 8, Prague 1
Open: for services daily, admission free

Church of St Gilles

The church was founded in 1371 on the site of an old Romanesque church. In 1420 it became a Hussite parish church but during the Counter-Reformation the Dominicans gained possession. There is a tomb of Vaclav Reiner, a painter who created the ceiling frescos. The Monastery of the Order of …

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