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Church of St. Martin in the Wall

The 12th-century Church of St. Martin in the Wall is a parish church enlarged and Gothicised in the 14th century. It is a quite unusual structure in many aspects. When the Old Town walls were built in the first half of the 13th century, Újezd was divided by it into two parts. The larger part was left outside the walls on the grounds of the later New Town; the smaller part, together with the church, became a part of the Old Town. The south wall of the church fits tightly to the town walls, hence the name Church in the Wall. In 1787 the church was transformed into workshops but rebuilt in its original form in the 1900s. It is believed that it was the first church where blessed wine was offered to the congregation. The church is also well known for the classical music concerts it features almost daily. Concerts start usually at 17.00, featuring J. S. Bach, Purcell, Pergolesi and Handel.

Full name: St. Martin Church (Sv. Martin ve zdi); www.martinvezdi.cz
Location: Martinská 8, Old Town.