Czech Food

Typical Czech Dishes

Guláš – Beef or pork stew (goulash) in a dark paprika sauce with flour or potato dumpling.

Svíčková – Beef sirloin in a rich creamy gravy of celery root, carrots, onions and spices with flour dumplings, often garnished with lemon, cranberries and a dollop of whipped cream.

Vepřo knedlo zelo – Roast pork in sauce with flour or potato dumplings and sauerkraut.

Vepřový řízek / Kuřecí řízek – Fried pork or chicken wrapped in bread crumbs, usually served with cold potato salad.

More and more Czechs purchase food online

Czechs have been able to purchase foods on the internet for five years. Over one-quarter of people have already tried this option, and every tenth person regularly uses this service. Currently, there are several specialized e-shops for foods, with the four biggest players on the market being,, …

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Czech Menu

Czech menus can be problematic. Even if you have a reasonable knowledge of culinary terms in Czech, you’ll almost definitely require the assistance of the waiter. And the waiter will usually recommend the most expensive meals and those that you are likely to know. Therefore, the chance of you being …

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Czech Traditional Food

As with every single country in the world, the Czech Republic has a large range of traditional food, all of which should be sampled by every tourist to give them a real feel for the country. Food from this part of the world is usually hearty and filling, unlike the …

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Traditional Food Found Locally

Traditional meals in the Czech Republic are wholesome and designed to feed people up well after a tough day’s work of manual labour.  They are quite high in fat content and usually very substantial  which is perfect during the winter months. Recently, there has been a trend of eating lighter …

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Meals Not Normally Found In Restaurants

Overall, perhaps the greatest venue to really sample proper Czech food is to get an invitation to dine in someone’s house.  Nonetheless, this is still not straight forward, as many people these days often just cook simple, more cosmopolitan recipes. Czech food made the traditional way is usually kept for …

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Grocery Stores and Self-Catering

It is possible to find almost everything you could possibly want in the supermarkets of Prague, ranging from Japanese to Indian food, and from Arabic through to local produce. You’ll also be able to find the most popular European products, such as Heinz beans, Italian cured ham and Spanish chorizo …

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Picking Berries

Czech people are emotionally connected to their meadows and forests. Local people vanish from Prague’s streets during weekends in the summer months, when they leave for the cottages they own in the country-side. Lengthy forest walks amongst the trees, with frequent breaks for picking wild blueberries, mushrooms and strawberries are …

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Typical Beer Snacks

Cheese platters are quite common, and are composed of slices of eidam, hermelín (camembert) or niva (blue) cheese with a chunk of butter, a dash of paprika, and perhaps a pickle and a basket of rolls or bread.  Also meat platters are popular – slices of ham or various salamis …

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