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Christian traditions

Christmas Traditions

The Christian feast of Christmas replaced the pre-Christian feast of the winter solstice. The celebration of Christmas was always associated with many non-religious customs of a magical nature: anyone who fasted on Christmas Eve saw a golden piglet. The table on Christmas Eve was festively arranged and covered with the …

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Charming Christmas in Prague

The smell of mulled wine and Christmas sweets, the warmth of roasted chestnuts in your hands, the melody of carols, decorated streets, folk markets and Christmas trees on every square, that’s Christmas in Prague. And if you’re lucky, you might even see Prague covered in a snow-white blanket. Experience Christmas …

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Easter in Prague, Customs

Easter is a very important Christian holiday, and in Prague it is celebrated very much in that spirit. It is also a holiday time when families travel and get together. While walking Prague’s paved streets you will notice market stalls and flower decorations, Easter eggs smiling from shop windows … …

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Easter Traditions

During mass on Easter Sunday, the priest blesses food that has been brought (lamb, rabbit, Easter cake, eggs, bread, and wine). This consecrated food is taken home again by housewives and ceremonially eaten by the family during a festive lunch. It was believed that anyone who got lost would find …

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Easter in Prague

A trip to Prague at Easter is ideal for celebrating the end of winter and the start of springs’ warmer climes. This period is actually the most important in the Christian calender. Czechs see Easter as a way of celebrating love and birth, and as a chance for families to …

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Marionette Making

The Czechs have found themselves under foreign rule for a massive majority of their existence, and because of this marionettes have become an important way to satirise the rulers of their country in relative safety, allowing them to keep their heads and steer clear of political persecution! It was the …

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Name Days

Each day of the year except national holidays comes with a Czech name (or names) to be celebrated. It is common practice to give flowers or some other gift like a box of chocolates on a person’s Name Day – you’ll notice many of the flower shops around town often …

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