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Disabled and Wheelchairs

Disabled visitors don’t have it easy in Prague as in many areas there is still a lack of suitable facilities. But every day more and more restaurants and hotels and other attractions are introducing disabled access. Not all train stations or underground stations are wheelchair-friendly. If you thinking of using public transport you will be very restricted. Only a few underground stations have lifts; only a very limited number of special buses can be used in Prague which are equipped with ramps. Pedestrian crossing lights in the centre make a ticking noise to the visually impaired to indicate a green light. If you are planning to visit museums, galleries or other venues in Prague it is worth checking with some of the associations for disabled people to check if requested facilities like ramps or lifts enabling wheelchair access are available.

Wheelchair Users Organisation. Here you can rent wheelchairs and also specially adapted cars. Address: Praha 8, Karlínské nám.12, phone 224 816 997

Union of the Blind and Weak Sighted. Useful information for vision-impaired people. www.braillnet.cz

The Association of Disabled People. Leaflet Barrier-Free Prague, listing accessible venues, transport options and tours of historic areas. www.pov.cz

Disabled and wheel-chair travellers

There are limited facilities for those who are disabled, only some restaurants (McDonald’s and KFC entrances and toilets are wheelchair-friendly), shops, all newer shopping malls, selected hotels, buses and trams are wheel-chair friendly. Although the city is making progress here, compared to just five years ago when nowhere was accessible …

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Prague – wheelchair-friendly attractions

During communist times there were no facilities or access for handicapped people, a situation which pretty much persisted until recent years. But thanks to the city’s participation in a project called Disabled Access it has now opened its doors to disabled visitors who will discover the same facilities here as …

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