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Excursions Outside of Prague

Prague Day Trips

The people who sell tours are renown for saying anything to get you to buy a ticket. Some tours, particularly those going into the Czech rural areas, can be conducted in up to 4 different languages. Paying for a tour guide and a car is often a far better deal.

If you wish to do some exploring beyond Prague there are many possibilities for excursions. Trips to the medieval Castle Karlštejn or to the concentration camp, Terezín, are the most popular choices, especially for their short driving distance from Prague. If you like spas and architectural gems try to visit Karlovy Vary. This city is famous for its hot mineral springs and beautiful promenade. If you are a beer patriot, take a trip to the Plzeň or České Budějovice; both cities are well-known for their brewing industry. Kutná Hora is another recommended city to visit. In the 13th century discovery of large deposits of silver and copper ore turned Kutna Hora overnight into one of the boom towns of central Europe.

If you do not wish to hire a car or use regular bus or train several companies offer organized day trips by bus. If you travel on your own by bus or train journey take usually longer compare to organized excursion – transport.


The capital of Moravia and the second city of the Republic, Brno is famous for its Motorcycle Grand Prix and trade fairs, but it is also a lively cultural centre with a major university and several theatres (including the Reduta, where Mozart conducted his own compositions in 1767) and some …

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If you fancy another day out in the direction of Beroun, this little village is a great place to visit. It’s between Beroun and Křivoklát on the motor train and is directly on the picturesque Berounka River. Nizbor is a tiny village situated about 7km northwest of Beroun, or 35km …

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The oldest surviving written document of Nelahozeves’s existence dates back to 1352. The village has a three-winged Renaissance château of the Italian castello type, with arcades in the yard and grafitti, and is owned by the knightly family Lobkowicz. Nelahozeves is the birthplace of composer Antonín Dvořák. His birth house …

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The British have discovered Moravia: What is it like in Brno?

“Smaller than Prague, but also very rich in historical monuments.” That is how the British newspaper The Guardian defines Brno. It describes the ways in which Brno is better than Prague, and remembers to mention the well-known rivalry among the citizens of Prague and Brno. Why should Prague be the …

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The northern Bohemian city of Liberec owes its long history to the fabled success of its textile industry. The town developed mainly in the 19th century, when the riches of its industrialists led to the emergence of its beautiful architecture. Today many visitors come to Liberec, especially during the annual …

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Ceske Budejovice

This sedate old town was founded in 1265 by King Otokar II Přemysl as a base from which to attack his enemies, the unruly Vítkovec clan. During the Hussite Wars the mainly German population remained royalist and stoutly defended the Catholic cause. Commercially, the 16th century was a golden age …

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Cesky Sternberk

Founded in 1242 on a sheer cliff above the Sázava River, the fortress home of the Šternberk family commands wonderful views of the valley. The castle was remodelled in the baroque style by Italian craftsmen between 1660 and 1670. The rococo Chapel of St Sebastian and the Yellow Room, with …

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The Story of Terezin

Most Jewish communities throughout Europe have faced persecution and anti-Semitism all the way through history, but this has not been a case in the Czech Republic. The Jewish influence in the Czech Republic is a strong one, and Jewish communities have thrived in the country for centuries, with synagogues and …

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In a marvellous situation on a bluff commanding the Lužnice Valley, Tabor takes its name from the biblical mountain where Christ is said to have appeared transfigured to his disciples. After the death of Jan Hus, the Hussites transferred their allegiance to the one-eyed general Jan Žižka, who continued the …

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Visitors to Melnik may wonder what all the hype is about. The surrounding region is largely industrial, and the town’s historical centre is small. However, an afternoon at the Melnik Chateau – with its Renaissance interiors and wine cellar – is worth the effort of travel alone. The town lies …

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