A former garrison town, which was changed and turned into a Jewish ghetto (and used as a transit camp by the Nazis for Jews whose final destination was Auschwitz concentration camp) during the World War II. By the end of the war some 150,000 Jews had passed through Terezin and a further 35,000 died of disease and starvation.


Terezin Memorial. Today visitors can tour the barracks, workshops, isolation cells, mortuaries, execution grounds and former mass graves. Terezin Camp includes the following: Major Fortress; Minor Fortress ; Museum of the Ghetto (about Nazism and life in the camp); National Cemetery (bodies exhumed from the mass graves were given proper burials); Main Gate with a sign Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free), Magdeburg prison barracks and cells.

Getting there: organized excursion or by direct bus from Florenc Bus station.
Distance to the Terezin is approx. 38 miles (half-day trip or day trip; possible to combine with Nelahozeves castle or with a trip to the Lidice memorial.).
Recommended time at location: 2.5 hours.


Terezin is former garrison town originally built by Emperor Joseph II. as an ingenious system of military fortresses for a protection of the kingdom at the end of the 18th century against Prussia – was completely changed and turned into Jewish Ghetto (and used as a transit camp for Jews …

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The Story of Terezin

Most Jewish communities throughout Europe have faced persecution and anti-Semitism all the way through history, but this has not been a case in the Czech Republic. The Jewish influence in the Czech Republic is a strong one, and Jewish communities have thrived in the country for centuries, with synagogues and …

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The small municipality of Lidice is situated northwest of Prague (just a 30-minute drive away) and can be easily visited as a half-day trip from Prague. During the Second World War, the village of Lidice suffered enormously as a result of a Nazi search for those responsible for assassinating Reinhard …

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