Prague is filled with numerous amazing art galleries, which are often forgotten by tourists. If you are visiting for just a short time there might be other places on your list which you may want to visit first, but some galleries might just be on the way when you stroll around, and many are admission free – so why not take a look?  The National Gallery comprises many buildings around Prague and is famous worldwide for its collections.

National Gallery art collections:

  • Prague Castle – collection of paintings and sculptures from the 16th-18th centuries.
  • Sternberg Palace – Old Masters (art from the classical era to the end of the baroque era).

Highly recommended galleries:

  • Prague Castle Gallery – gallery exhibits the small but impressive art collection begun by the Hapsburg Emperors.
  • House at the Stone Bell (Dum U Kamenneho Zvonu) – branch of the Prague City Gallery hosting temporary art exhibitions throughout the year.
  • House at the Golden Ring (Dum U zlateho prstenu) – intriguing exhibition of 20th-century art, with particular emphasis on the Czech passion for surrealism and just plain oddness!
  • Manes Gallery – displays contemporary Czech artists.
  • Robert Guttmann Gallery – part of the Jewish Museum, this tiny gallery hosts temporary art exhibitions on Jewish themes.

Prague Galleries

Here’s the list of Prague galleries. You can also check Prague Post or Culture in Prague (Ceska kultura), the newspaper for recent exhibitions and events.   The National Gallery in Prague The National Gallery comprises many buildings around Prague, and is famous worldwide for its collections. All exhibitions are open …

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Prague Castle Gallery

The collection of Prague Castle Gallery, housed in the beautiful Renaissance stables at the northern end in the Second Courtyard, contains around 400 paintings and drawings from 16th- to 18th- century European Art. These paintings have been carefully selected from about 4,000 that are currently in the possession of Prague …

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Lapidarium – Branch of National Gallery

Lapidarium with eight exhibition halls where you can admire sculptures is among most beautiful museum exhibitions in Europe. This branch of National Gallery is located in an art nouveau pavilion in the Exhibition Grounds (Vystaviste). Gallery contains over 400 stone sculptures from the 11th to the 19th century; these priceless …

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St Agnes Convent

The convent was founded in 1234 by Agnes, sister of King Wenceslas I. Completed by the end of the 14th century but convent was eventually dissolved in 1782. An ambitious restoration programme was done in the 1990s. The most remarkable building is the Church of the Holy Saviour, an exceptional …

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Bílek Villa

The exhibition of selected sculptures, sketches and drawings of the great Czech symbolism (Art Nouveau) sculptor František Bílek (1872–1941) is installed in his modern family house, which was designed and built by him in 1911. In the garden, there is a statue of Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius), the work of …

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Gallery Jakubska Alexandr Onishenko

One of the most successful artists in the Czech Republic came to this country with few possessions and began selling his work, alongside the other artists on the Charles Bridge. Alexandr Onishenko, Ukrainian by birth, was not there long. The quality of his work shone out he was offered exhibitions …

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National Gallery collection of Asian art

National Gallery collection of Asian art is housed in the Kinský Palace. It is not an extensive collection but an interesting one, and the city, even country, owes its respect and many thanks to a man named Lubor Hajek. He studied Religion and Indology at Charles University after WWII and …

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Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery is oriented in temporary architecture. You can find here profiles of influential people and groups, retrospective exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, recent movement in architecture. Gallery provides lectures, seminars and publishing, regarding central Prague the JFG became a centre for architects, professional and general public, students of architecture and …

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