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Prague Castle Gallery

Picture Gallery of Prague Castle (Obrazárna Pražského hradu) was founded in 1965. Today the gallery houses paintings from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The highlights of the gallery are: Guido Reni’s The Centaur Nessus Abducting Deianeira; Titian’s The Toilet of a Young Lady; and Rubens’ The Assembly of the Olympic Gods. There are also sculptures and paintings by Czech baroque artists and many of Rudolf II’s (1575-1611) best paintings.

Location: Prague Castle, second courtyard. Open daily.

Prague Castle Gallery

The collection of Prague Castle Gallery, housed in the beautiful Renaissance stables at the northern end in the Second Courtyard, contains around 400 paintings and drawings from 16th- to 18th- century European Art. These paintings have been carefully selected from about 4,000 that are currently in the possession of Prague …

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