Medical Services, Pharmacies

Medical insurance is essential for non-EU citizens. You should arrange health insurance to cover any medical services while in the country. EU nationals are generally eligible for free medical care (you will be required to show your passport when seeking medical attention). Dental treatment must be paid for. Emergency treatment and non-hospital first aid are free for all visitors to the Czech Republic. There are some medical centres and clinics (mostly private) with good English-speaking medical personnel. At Government facilities and hospitals staff and doctors speak good English. Nearly all medical clinics will accept medical insurance and credit cards, and have an on-site pharmacy.

If you suffer from respiratory problems should be aware that between October and March, sulphur dioxide levels in Prague regularly exceed accepted levels – often by up to three times. With increasing car ownership and a lack of money for alternative fuels, this seems unlikely to decrease in the near future.

Medical Services in Prague

Heath services in the Czech Republic are either public or private. The majority of them have agreements with the State Health Insurance Company on the provision and payment of healthcare. Emergency treatment and first aid are free for everyone visiting Prague. EU Citizens may get very cheap, or free, treatment …

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Clinics and Pharmacies

Recommended clinics and medical centers The Diplomatic Health Centre (Na Homolce) Roentgenova 2, Prague 5, phone 257 272 146 The American Medical Centre, Janovského 48, Prague 7, phone 220 807 756 Canadian Medical Care Veleslavínská 10, phone 235 360 133 American Dental Associates, Stara Celnice Building, 2nd Floor Atrium, V Celnici 4, …

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Regardless of where you are in the world, your health should be the most important thing to you. For women, the area of gynaecology is particularly important and a typical gynaecological exam in Prague is similar to the one you would get in the UK. You will be asked to …

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Cosmetic Surgery in Prague

Package ‘plastic surgery’ holidays to Prague are popular – firstly you will save money as costs for cosmetic treatments are substantially lower compared to western parts of the EU, and secondly you will see a beautiful European city. One of the other reasons why people choose Prague as a plastic …

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Dental treatment in Prague

Dentistry practiced in the Czech Republic, and especially in Prague, is of the same high standard as in other EU countries. Therefore the same quality and procedures that are available in the UK can be found here as well, and at much lower prices. Some people even take dental holidays …

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