Plastic Surgery

Prague is developing as a medical tourism haven. Good standards of plastic surgery, along with a competitive price, ensures that visitors arrive in Prague not only to ogle Baroque architecture, but also to have some facial work done on them. A raft of clinics are available that provide rhinoplasty, botox, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, varicose vein removal, hair implants, vaginal restructuring and dental work. One treatment that is making a big impact in Prague is the fat reduction via ultra-sound. This is a liposuction that is non-invasive and also offered at several beauty salons.

Cosmetic Surgery in Prague

Package ‘plastic surgery’ holidays to Prague are popular – firstly you will save money as costs for cosmetic treatments are substantially lower compared to western parts of the EU, and secondly you will see a beautiful European city. One of the other reasons why people choose Prague as a plastic …

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