Ecotechnical Museum

Prague’s former waste-water treatment plant was built between 1895 and 1906, and was designed by English architect WH Lindley. Surprisingly, as the plant was only meant to service a city of 500,000 people, it remained in service until 1967, by which time Prague had a population of over a million. Several steam-powered engines are on display and more are being repaired; there are guided tours of the labyrinth of sewers beneath the building. Once a year, usually some days in September, all the steam-driven machinery is demonstrated in working order.

In Czech: Ekotechnické muzeum
Address: Papírenská 6, Bubeneč (bus 131 from metro Hradčanská)
Admission: 50 CZK
Open: 10am-4.30pm Sat & Sun May-Oct; bus 131 from metro Hradčanská

The Eco-Technical Museum

For many years, officials in Prague have been trying to open up the city’s sewers as a potential tourist attraction, no doubt inspired by the Viennese sewers and their attraction to those interested in the novel Third Man, written by Carol Reed. Thus far however, efforts to do this have …

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