Two Prague Restaurants Defended the Michelin Star

In 2008, Prague won the Michelin Star for the first time ever, when it was awarded to the Allegro restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel and its chef, Andrea Accordi. He received the star for the Allegro restaurant three times in total. However, the company has ceased to exist. Five …

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The French pay the highest taxes of all; the Czechs are fifth

The tax burden in the Czech Republic is above the OECD average, reaching 34.9 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The Czech Republic is ranked ninth, following eighth-placed Germany. The average tax burden in the OECD countries is 34.2 percent of GDP. This is the highest number one …

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Prague is favored more than Miami or Las Vegas, shows the ranking

Excursions to the world’s metropolises have not lost their attractiveness in 2018. Tourists are expected to travel 1.4 billion journeys to the world’s metropolises this year. This year´s twenty of the most popular cities in the world have included Prague. Even the capital recorded a year-on-year rise in foreign visitors …

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