Parks, Gardens, Green Spaces

The gardens range from basic, walled oases having fountains and fantastic statuary, to open spaces beyond the city core.


Some beautiful, central spots and green spaces in Prague are made for rest, relaxation and even sport. The gardens leading up to Petrin Hill, the largest of Prague’s parks, are magical on a hot summer’s day. Other beautiful parks worth visit are Stromovka, Letna a Vinohrady Park. Parks are frequented by Frisbee throwers, lovers, and roller skaters.

Vojan Park

A tranquil place hidden behind high white walls, Vojan Park dates back to the 1600s, when it was the garden of the Convent of Barefooted Carmelites. Two chapels survive among the park’s lawns and fruit trees. One is the Chapel of Elijah, in the form of a stalagmite and stalactite …

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Havlickovy Sady

Havlíčkovy sady is Prague’s second largest park and is located directly across from Riegrovy sady (on a map, not physically) on the other side of Vinohrady, at the border with the Vršovice district. The park’s most notable landmark is the beautiful Villa Gröbe (Grébovka). This wonderful example of a Neo-Renaissance …

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Franciscan Garden

If you feel tired of the crowds in the centre of Prague, just a few steps away, between Wenceslas Square and Jungmannovo Square, you’ll find the picturesque Franciscan Garden, an oasis of calm. A set of benches, pretty flowerbeds and a children’s corner make you forget that you’re close to …

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Letna Park (Letenske Sady)

Set on the banks of the Vltava opposite the Josefov, Letná Park (Letenské sady) is another open space within easy reach of the city. Not as well managed as the Petřín area, it is nevertheless worth a visit for the outstanding views upriver and across the Old Town that its …

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The Exhibition Ground and Stromovka Park

Stromovka was for many centuries a royal hunting ground before being designated a public park in 1804. Today its woodland, weeping willows, duck ponds and lakes provide a pleasant alternative to the sometimes hot and dusty city streets and it is definitely the best place to escape crowds. The Exhibition …

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Prague’s Lesser Known Parks

Obora Hvězda is a woodland wonderland, an enclave of greenery closed off from outsiders.  If you  walk right down from its’ entrance you will encounter Letohrádek Hvězda, a star-shaped, Renaissance palace for the summer (‘hvězda’ translates as: ‘star’ in Czech) which used to belong to the Arch-duke Ferdinand from Tyrol, …

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Garden on the Ramparts

This garden, cultivated as a natural park in the mid-19th century, formed a green belt beneath most of the southern face wall of Prague Castle, and has currently been restored according to the design by architect Plecnik. This garden, which offers a spectacular vista over the rooftops of Lesser Town, …

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Kinsky Garden

This 22-hectare garden is located on the southern and south-eastern slope of Petřín and is separated by the Gothic Hunger Wall from the other gardens. The wall was built during the reign of Charles IV. Originally, there was a forest here, which was replaced by vineyards in the Middle Ages. …

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