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National Holidays

Public holidays will have little impact on tourists visiting Prague, although outside the tourist spots a limited number of shops and restaurants will be open. Public transport runs according to special timetables and less frequently than usual. Shopping centres and restaurants have shorter opening times. Except for Easter Monday, the dates of the holidays are fixed. The ‘sliding holiday’ concept is not applied, i.e. when a holiday falls on a Saturday/Sunday, the following Monday is a normal business day. But, as we said earlier, tourists should not be affected.

National holiday

1 January – New Year’s Day
Easter Monday
1 May – May Day
8 May – Liberation from Fascism
5 July – Cyril and Methodius
6 July – Burning at Stake of Jan Hus
28 September – Czech Statehood Day
28 October – Establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic
17 November – Freedom and Democracy Day
24 December – Christmas Eve
25 December – Christmas Day
26 December – Boxing Day

School vacation

22.12. – 2.1 Christmas vacation
30.1. Mid-year vacation
2.2. – 15.3. Spring vacation, 1 week
9. – 13.4. Easter vacation
1.7. – 31.8. Summer vacation

National (public) Holidays

Offices, banks, department stores and most small shops are closed on public holidays. It is very common for people in Czech to take a few days off following national holidays, mostly to travel to their so called ‘chata’ – weekend cottages. National Holidays in Prague will have little impact on …

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