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Prague Events, Festivals

There is always something happening all year round (for full listing of events read this article). For most events you can buy tickets online at Ticketpro. Tickets are also available at the door but it is advisable to book online especially if you intend to pay by credit card.

The ‘Night & Day’ section of the weekly Prague Post newspaper is a very useful source for looking for events. Another useful publication is Prague in Your Pocket, a bi-monthly publication highlighting cultural events around the city.

Tanec Praha – Dance Prague

International festival of contemporary dance production and motion theatre. The festival’s mission is to inspire domestic artists and familiarise the general public with the art of contemporary dance. An integral part of the festival is the collaboration between foreign artists and the Czech dance community, as well as discussions with …

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Carnevale Prague

This colourful parade of allegorical vehicles, sexy dancers, jugglers and drummers takes place in Prague during September. Inspired by the world-famous carnivals, especially the one in Rio in Brazil, Prague Carnival is a pageant of merry crowds in colourful masks. Allegorical vehicles are created by artists in order to support …

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Bohemian Carnevale

The Bohemian Carnevale continues the Czech old traditions and allegorical festivities which date back to medieval times and which continued up to the recent past. Project Bohemian Carnevale is a rebirth of this phenomenon celebrating human joy, fantasy, talent, craft, and creativity. Masked marches have a long tradition in the …

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Rock for People

Rock for People has become one of the biggest and most popular outdoor music festivals in the Czech Republic. Since 1995 the festival has been held annually in different cities around the Czech Republic. In 2008 it was moved to the former military airport of Hradec Králové and since that …

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Khamoro – International Festival of Gipsy Culture

Festival Khamoro is certainly ranked among the most prestigious Roma projects on both a local and an international level. The festival brings in Roma music from all over New and Old Europe and often from further east, such as Kazakhstan and India. There is also cinema, seminars and flamenco dance …

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One World – International Film Festival

The One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, organised by non-profit organisation People in Need, takes place annually on the first week of March in Prague. The Festival comes under the auspices of Václav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic. During the Festival documentaries from all over the …

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Prague Writers’ Festival

The Writers’ Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Europe with its unique combination of outstanding world authors, coverage in the international media and live broadcast on the internet. This Festival (formerly the International Book Fair) was first held in Valdštejnský Palace in May 1991. In 1995, …

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Young Prague – International Music Festival

The Young Prague International Music Festival has the aim of helping promising young artists who are starting their career in classical music – such as instrumentalists, singers, chamber groups and conductors, as well as composers. By organising concerts at the international level we want to make the beginning of their …

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St Matthew’s fair

This is the most popular and biggest fair in Prague, and indeed the Czech Republic, and also the first spring fair in Europe. St Matthew’s Fair, known as Matějská pouť to the locals, is a time-honoured Czech tradition; the earliest recorded festival began over 410 years ago, and although times …

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National (public) Holidays

Offices, banks, department stores and most small shops are closed on public holidays. It is very common for people in Czech to take a few days off following national holidays, mostly to travel to their so called ‘chata’ – weekend cottages. National Holidays in Prague will have little impact on …

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