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Prague Castle and Hradcany

Hradcany lies on the left bank of the Vltava river and is dominated by the 16th-century Prague Castle including St. Vitus Cathedral. When entering Prague Castle through the ornate Matthias Gate be prepared for an onslaught of historical facts and legends, not to mention a staggering variety of architectural styles. St. Vitus Cathedral is a breathtaking example of ecclesiastical architecture. The oldest surviving church in the castle complex is the Basilica of St. George (Bazilika sv. Jiri). Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka) was a double row of decrepit wooden shacks until the reign of the Hapsburg Empress Maria Theresa, who modernized much of the castle in the neo-classical style. Several imposing palaces dominate Hradcany Square: Schwarzenberg Palace, Archbishop’s Palace and Sternberg Palace. Nearby Loreto is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites in the Czech Republic.

Churches and Monasteries:


  • Martinic Palace

Historic Buildings:

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Historic Places:

  • Pohořelec


Hradcanske Square

Prague Castle’s ‘front yard’ is an attraction in its own right. In the Hradcany Square district there are many architecturally interesting buildings to see, including: Salmov Palace, Schwarzenberg Palace, Carmelite Monastery, Hradcany Town Hall, Tuscany Palace, Martinic Palace, Sternberg Palace and Archbishop’s Palace. The square’s small park is punctured by …

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Pohorelec means “The Scene of Fire”. It is a small and quiet square in the Castle District in Prague, which has burned down many times during its history. There are picturesque buildings around it and many important historical monuments are situated nearby: a gateway to the Strahov Monastery is located …

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New World (Novy Svet)

North of Lorentanske Square, right behind Prague Castle, lies New World (Nový Svět). It is a country lane of quaint cottages dating back to the mid-14th century but most were rebuilt in the 17th century. At that time residents, in their fight against poverty, chose golden house signs for their …

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