Vysehrad Quarter

Vysehrad was founded in the 10th century, 70 years later than Prague Castle. Vysehrad used to be the Premyslid princes’ residence in the latter half of the 11th and 12th centuries; later they moved to Prague Castle. Life at the castle was badly affected by the Hussite period when it was plundered and partly demolished. In the year 1650 new brick baroque ramparts were built once again as part of the fortifications of the whole of Prague according to the plans of Italian architects. The castle served as a fort once again until the year 1911 when the fort was abandoned. Visitors can enjoy fine views and peaceful strolls through the landscaped gardens of Vysehrad Church and the ruins of the ancient buildings. Today visitors can see the precious Romanesque rotunda of St. Martin, the Gothic church of St. Peter and Paul, the Vysehrad cemetery used as a burial site of eminent Czech personalities since 1869 and the underground casements housing the originals of several baroque statues from the Charles Bridge.


National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad is an alluring and pleasant walk lasting about 2 hours. Even though it is situated close to the city centre you will be in quiet surroundings out of traffic. Due to its position on a higher rock just above the Vltava river it offers nice panoramic …

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