Czech Beer & Spirits

The love of beer is one of several character that the Czechs share with the British. Czechs thinks that their beer is the best in the world. Those that don’t agree with them should come and taste it. Czech beer tends to be more full-bodied and more bitter than foreign brews, and always arouses the desire for more. In Prague pubs prices of lager beer range from 25 CZK – 70 CZK (0.90 GBP to 2.5 GBP) for half a litre. In the rest of the Czech Republic, beer is even cheaper.

Czech beer is not produced in such varieties as elsewhere, there are just two kinds, light and dark. The most famous beers are Pilsener Urquell from Plzeň (Pilsen), Budvar from České Budějovice (Budweis) and Staropramen.

Tip: Czech Beer Festival Prague 2011 – For 17 days (from May 14th to May 30th, 2010), festival organizers have prepared a selection of the best from Czech breweries, Czech chefs, butchers and bakers for you. read more

Czech Beer

Czechs amber liquid, called ‘Pivo’ Czech beer is world famous and fully appreciated by the Czechs themselves. For many centuries Czech beer has been the finest available. The distinctive flavour of Czech beer comes from handpicked Bohemian hops. The Czech Republic is the largest consumer of beer in the world …

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Czech Beer Styles And Types

The terms listed below comprise the foundation upon which many modern-day Czech beer types are based:   Výčepní (Tap Beer) The term ‘Tap’ is a legal definition for beers brewed between eight degrees and ten degrees on Balling’s scale, although it can also relate to bottles. This is the Czech …

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Big Czech breweries

The brewing of beer in Moravia and Bohemia dates back to before records began. The Monarchy awarded brewing titles to the bourgeoisie and noblemen and some monasteries also brewed beer. Over hundreds of years, Czech territory has seen many other kinds of beer develop. Although in the end, beer with …

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Local Spirits In The Czech Republic

Czechs are the proud owners of a unique, herb-based liquor named: ‘Becherovka‘. This liquor is hard to explain to someone unfamiliar with it because it’s not like any other type of drink. Its’ ingredients, actually, are a guarded secret—and its’ recipe is kept under lock and key so only an …

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Czech Beer Tips

Prague has a huge amount to offer any tourist. It is one of the most cultured cities in Europe, offers great food and there is a wealth of entertainment spread throughout the city. One thing that eclipses all of these though is beer – a drink that is completely synonymous …

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Czech Beer Tour Tips

Pilsner Urquell Tours Come and have a look – and taste – for yourself how one of the best beers in the world is brewed – Pilsner Urquell. At the local brewery, you will enjoy a tour around the brewery, as well as a visit to the Brewery Museum. The …

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Ordering a Beer in a Czech Pub

Perhaps one of the most important things to learn when visiting another country is how to order a beer in the native language. Luckily, ordering a beer Czech-style is simple and only involves mastering a few words. When the bartender or waiter comes to take your order at a pub …

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Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell is known for being the world’s first pilsner, meaning it was and remains bottom-fermented. The origins of this new product began with simple customer dissatisfaction. Barrels of the murkier top-fermented ales were dumped and the Plzeň City Council embarked on a new brewing process. The resulting Pilsner Urquell …

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