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Pubs, Bars, Czech Beer

Pubs are usually open from 11.00 until 23.00; bars stay open later, some until the early morning hours. Prague’s traditional pubs usually serve cheaper beer and some local spirits while modern bars serve a range of Czech and international beers, wine, spirits and cocktails. Czech pubs are not only places for a nice pint of Pilsner; most of them can fill up your belly with a traditional Czech culinary dish too. Czech brewers like Budvar (Budvarka restaurant) and Staropramen (Potrefená Husa) have their own branded pubs. In terms of the quality of ingredients and service these pubs are an excellent place to begin.

Czech Beer Tips

Prague has a huge amount to offer any tourist. It is one of the most cultured cities in Europe, offers great food and there is a wealth of entertainment spread throughout the city. One thing that eclipses all of these though is beer – a drink that is completely synonymous …

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Czech Beer Tour Tips

Pilsner Urquell Tours Come and have a look – and taste – for yourself how one of the best beers in the world is brewed – Pilsner Urquell. At the local brewery, you will enjoy a tour around the brewery, as well as a visit to the Brewery Museum. The …

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Prague Beer Tanked Up In The City

Beer does not need to be pasteurised because it is fresh enough at a Tankovna.  In the city of Prague, there are normal public houses, and then there are Tankovna Public Houses – i.e. Tank Pubs.  To understand the distinction is to comprehend one of the explanations why, in spite …

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U Fleku Beer Hall

U Fleku Beer Hall, Restaurant & Brewery, New Town, Prague 1 Many people like to enjoy architecture of foreign cities and the U Fleku Beer Hall is a great example of a traditional Czech pub as the building dates back to 1499. This provides one great reason to visit the …

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Ordering a Beer in a Czech Pub

Perhaps one of the most important things to learn when visiting another country is how to order a beer in the native language. Luckily, ordering a beer Czech-style is simple and only involves mastering a few words. When the bartender or waiter comes to take your order at a pub …

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U Ceskych Panu Medieval Restaurant

If you are looking for good value, then U Ceskych Panu is a great choice.  Centrally located just five minutes from Wenceslas Square this Medieval style restaurant is located in Gothic cellars and will definitely transport you back to a different place in time.  However, there are still plenty of …

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Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell is known for being the world’s first pilsner, meaning it was and remains bottom-fermented. The origins of this new product began with simple customer dissatisfaction. Barrels of the murkier top-fermented ales were dumped and the Plzeň City Council embarked on a new brewing process. The resulting Pilsner Urquell …

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Irish Bars and Pubs

George & Dragon Pub Located next to Caffrey’s Irish Pub and right on the Old Town Square, George & Dragon Pub has some of the best coverage of English sports of any pub in Prague.  You won’t miss any action thanks to 12 TV’s and one large projection big screen.  …

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Medieval Tavern Anno Domini 1471

Prague is a city with a proud history and if you would like to learn more about the cities past, visiting one of the old fashion taverns can provide a great deal of knowledge. If you have an interest in the history of Prague from medieval times, the Medieval Tavern …

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