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Top Restaurants Reviews

The city of Prague offers more restaurants than you could ever visit on one or two trips and the nice thing is that the city also has a large quantity of wonderful eateries as well.  After all, it should be quality over quantity. Thats why we metion that restaurant Allegro received the very first Michelin star in the whole of post-Communist Eastern Europe.

If you are only in town for a few days and feeling overwhelmed by the number of restaurant choices facing you, then we offer a few suggestions that you can’t go wrong with.

RESERVATIONS: Tables could be booked by phone and some restaurants might be booked via their website. There is no need to book for lunchtimes, but when you are planning a dinner on a Friday or Saturday, particularly in better-known eating places, it is advisable to contact them and make a reservation in advance.

Unless otherwise indicated, reviews in this chapter are for top restaurants which tends to be expansive.

Terasa U Zlate Studne

TERASA U ZLATÉ STUDNE, U Zlaté Studne 4, Lesser Town The Lesser Town of Prague may be quieter with regards to tourists but it means there is more scope for restaurants and bars to cater to niche markets. Most people enjoy their food but only some people wish to experience …

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Bellevue Restaurant

The Bellevue Restaurant in Old Town, Prague The Bellevue Restaurant, which is English, is translated to “beautiful view” is located in Old Town, Prague. The Bellevue is a laid back but sophisticated parlor which serves delicious, tempting cuisine. Fancied by families, friends, and businesses alike, the Bellevue is considered to …

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Hergetova Cihelna

Hergetova Cihelna, Prague Lesser Town One of the best things about this restaurant is that during the warmer months of summer, the large terrace that looks onto the river is used. This provides patrons with the opportunity to bask in the cool evening air in Prague and take in the …

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Kampa Park

Kampa Park Restaurant, Lesser Town, Prague 1, website A quick look at the soup menu immediately tells you that the Kampa Park is a standard above the general level of restaurant. Customers can choose between pumpkin soup for 245czk or lobster bisque for 455czk. This is not a restaurant to …

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U Maliru Restaurant

U Maliru Restaurant, Lesser Town, Prague 1 The Lesser Town area of Prague is quieter for tourists but there are still many great reasons to visit this area. The quieter nature of the location also makes it an ideal place for some tourists who want to avoid the hustle and …

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Palffy Palace

Palffy Palace Restaurant, Lesser Town, Prague 1 One of the best things about Prague is that it offers something for every guest or visitor and the Palffy Palace is an exquisite location offering sights and charms that not many other restaurants can provide. This makes the Palffy Palace the ideal …

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Rybi Trh

Rybi Trh Fish Restaurant, Old Town, Prague 1 As you would expect from one of the finest seafood restaurants in Prague, the Rybi Trh Fish Restaurant offers a fantastic range of fish and seafood to enjoy. The A La Carte menu has a wide range of fish to enjoy but …

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Coda Restaurant, Aria Hotel, Lesser Town, Prague 1 The two most important things for a restaurant is the quality of the food and the location and thankfully, the Coda restaurant in Prague does very well on both accounts. With regards to location, the major reason for visiting the Coda is …

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U Maltezskych Rytiru

U Maltezskych Rytiru, Prokopská 10, Prague 1 If you are looking for a Prague pub with a lot of history, you will be delighted to hear that the U Maltezskych Rytiru pub dates back to the 14th century and is considered to be a perfect example of a classicism house …

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Ginger&Fred Restaurant

The Ginger&Fred Restaurant in New Town, Prague, is located on the top-most level of the Dancing House building. This structure is famous for its curvy, dramatic appearance, glass windows, and unique architecture. This prime location overlooks some of the most awe-inspiring attractions that Prague has to offer, including the Vlatva …

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