Top Restaurants

Bellevue Restaurant. Located close to the river, another attraction of the Bellevue is the good views of Charles Bridge and across to Prague Castle. At night the seats by the window offer fine views of both these impressive sights. While the menu is exquisite, offering wonderfully prepared fresh fish, meat and sumptuous desserts, the wine list is worth particular mention. For a tamer but extraordinary treat, try the filet of fallow deer. Al dente pastas share a plate with lobster-and-spinach purée, garlic and herbs, or tomatoes and olives. The vegetables on the side are always fresh and never overcooked. (Close to underground station Staromestska, main dish 590-890 CZK. Rating expensive).


Tip: Order stretchlimousine to your restaurant in Prague. Make it your special day!

Top Restaurants in Prague

If money is not an issue you can sample some of the best gourmet restaurants in Prague. Our personal recommendations are the restaurants Bellevue with unparalleled views of Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, Ginger and Fed for its excellent French cuisine and views of the Prague skylineor, or La Provence. …

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