Department Stores

Shopping tips: Crystal glass items, wooden toys and jewellery (Czech garnets) are usually popular choices. Puppets and marionettes are traditionally hand-carved from wood or made from plaster and can be a good choice for a souvenir too (puppet making goes back to the 18th century). If you like spirits try Becherovka; a herbal liqueur known to have medicinal properties (good for digestion) is a unique Czech one. Plum brandy (slivovice) is also widely available, as are brandies distilled from other fruits. Czech jewellery (produced by Jablonex) is very famous. Also look for bead jewellery, imitation pearls and other jewellery. Even if you are not thinking about buying Bohemian Crystal we recommend that you visit the Moser shop (located Na Prikope 12, New Town) that has sold glassware for over a century.