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The Czech National Theatre is a great venue for ballet and opera. It is an enormous complex with several stages, and encompasses the national opera and ballet companies. Laterna Magika is part of the National Theatre although it is located in a separate, futuristic building. It is one of the major European troupes and at the forefront of multimedia theatre. This popular genre blends music, mime, ballet, surrealism and satire into a powerful mélange that transcends the language barrier. State Opera stages seminal opera, ballet and dance productions. Estates Theatre is Prague’s oldest concert hall, where Mozart conducted the premiere of his opera, Don Giovanni, in 1787. The longest-running classical marionette shows take place at the National Marionette Theatre. To see what’s on during your stay in the city – buy English-language PraguePost newspaper.

Glowing Acts

Black Light theatres are a type of surreal experience that can be found throughout Prague and have been around for the past forty years. It combines elements from cinema, pantomime, dance, drama and puppetry, which is all performed by actors in front of a black screen and illuminated by UV light. Black light theatre performances are held for both adults and children and they are all incredibly spectacular affairs. Two of the best theatres for this are the Black Light Theatre of Jiri Srnec and the Image Theatre.

Tip: First week of June visit Theatre Festival Prague. Performances are held around the city where you can see drama, music, and comedy and dance. This festival lasts about one week.

Theatre Etiquette: Whistling is not considered a positive form of applause: it’s equivalent to booing. Dressing up for the theatre is customary, but is no longer a strict rule. You should however, refrain from wearing trainers. When attending a classical concert or opera, on the other hand, you must be in formal dress.

Image Theatre – Black Light Theatre

Sometimes it is difficult to be in the right place at the right time. But if you are sitting right now in the auditorium of the Image Theatre then you have succeeded. Of course, not all the theatres are the same. The black theatre is different; the light is different …

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