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Public Toilets

Toilets in Prague are generally labelled with the sign ‘WC’. There aren’t many public toilets in Prague on the street, but if you are lucky you can find free toilets at some Government-run buildings such as museums, galleries etc. Public toilets for men (labelled ‘muzi’) and women (labelled ‘zeny’) are at each metro, bus and train station. Usually they will be staffed by attendants, whose wages are paid by the 2 CZK and 5 CZK coins you give them for use of the facilities. Normally they stay open until 21.00. If you can, try to avoid these places as they are seldom clean, and use facilities at restaurants or inside shopping malls and stores.

Toilets in Prague

Public toilets are usually only free in government-run facilities, such as galleries and museums. Otherwise, you will have to pay, usually a 5 CZK to 10 CZK (have some coins with you) fee to the attendant, if it is not a coin-operated lock. You can find toilets in all department …

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