If you feel the service warrants a gratuity, tips should be between 5 and 10 per cent (some foreigners tip 15 per cent), but if you get poor service you can forget the tip. It is always at your discretion. In some restaurants service is already included in the price; it will be stated on the bill or the menu. For a waiter or a taxi driver 10 per cent is appreciated. For a hotel porter 1 EUR is sufficient.

The Czechs are cheap, but they require quality in pubs

The Czechs give tips in restaurants but expect excellent food and pleasant and courteous service. They usually round to ten crowns, and in larger cities and better restaurants, it is not unusual to tip even 10 percent of their spending. They are not, for example, sold to the Americans, but …

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Tipping in Prague

Tipping in bars, restaurants, taxis, hairdressers and beauty and massage parlors is customary. When leaving a tip you can give the server the bill’s exact amount and say either to je dobrý or v pořádku (that’s fine). You may also leave the tip on the table. It is usual in …

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Tipping in restaurants

The basic 5%-15% is appreciated, but not mandatory. Also many Czechs just round the bill up. Leave cash on the table if you thought the service was good, or say ‘Dobry’ when paying your waiter; it means ‘OK’, as in, ‘keep the change’. Or, when handing over the money, just …

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