Due to the heavy traffic and lack of bicycle lanes bikes are not very popular in Prague. This is contrary to other smaller cities and villages where many inhabitants ride bicycles. Nevertheless, there are some well-set-out bike routes and even a department that deals with organizing and maintaining these routes in Prague. There are about 180 km of bicycle routes, 60 km of which are outside vehicle routes, and they include precincts and newly constructed cycle routes for both cyclists and pedestrians. There are many kickstands mostly located close to car parks where you can leave your bike free of charge or for a small fee.


Prague’s  ever-present cobblestones ensure that mountain bicycles (with their robust tires) are the obvious selection. Two central Prague companies are rental specialists (and they also provide organised bicycle tours): City Bike, Králodvorská Five, Prague One (, and Praha Bike, Dlouhá Twenty-Four, Prague One (

Bike-sharing in Prague

Would you like to try an alternative means of transport in Prague? You can take advantage of the bike-sharing system and enjoy the city while riding a bike or a scooter. Bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic, with the number of borrowings …

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Bicycles and Cycling in Prague

Prague offers an increasing quantity of specifically marked bicycle lanes, such as the lengthy and popular route which follows the River Vltava from the National Theatre (south of the centre), and the route which begins round Prague Zoo and tracks the Vltava northwards towards Germany. But due to the heavy …

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Prague by Bike Tour

There are more than 185 kilometres of marked cycling trails in and around Prague, however most of these are mixed with automobile traffic. Nevertheless, the number of dedicated trails for both cyclists and pedestrians continues to grow. A tour of Prague by bike offers an interesting experience both for cyclists …

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