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Prague Airport Taxi

When you come out of the arrivals terminal, you will see several taxi ranks. The most recommended are AAA Taxis or book your airport transfer in advance in order to avoid the unpleasant experience of being overcharged just after you step off your plane. You should expect to pay around 600 CZK to get from Prague airport to the city centre.

  • Shuttles are a cheap, quick and effective way of travelling to and from your accommodation in a city or country you may be unfamiliar with. Please be aware that there may be a wait for your shuttle at the airport since they run to a schedule, usually 30 minutes but the maximum waiting time can be up to one hour. Unless specified otherwise shuttles are shared with other passengers and thus the shuttle might not go directly to your accommodation but stop first for other passengers.
  • Private transfers (taxis) are recommended in case you wish to reach your accommodation as quickly and easily as possible. No waiting in long taxi queues or tiresome bus transfers, you will get ahead of the crowds.