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Visas and Embassies

Visa / Entry formalities

EU citizens can stay or visit the Czech Republic indefinitely and without the need of a visa. Citizens of the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia can stay for up to 90 days with a passport. Those requiring a visa to visit the Czech Republic must have a passport valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the visa and a return or onward ticket (but usually not checked).

Countries with the Visa Waiver Regime (for ordinary passport holders) – If you are in this group you can travel to the Czech Republic without the need of a visa for a certain period. If you hold a Government or diplomatic passport there might be different requirements so it is advisable that you contact your nearest Czech embassy for further information. If you are not subject to the Visa Waiver Regime you need to apply for a Schengen visa (Application for Schengen Visa).

Processing time for issuing tourist Schengen visas varies and it can take up to 30 days. In general Czech authorities are quite slow so it is in your own interest to apply well in advance.

Information on how to apply for a visa and other information can be found at the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tourist Visa to Prague Czech Republic

If you’re travelling to the Czech Republic you require valid passport or ID card (for EU members). EU and EEC citizens do not need a visa for any purpose of visit. Czech Republic is now part of Schengen zone. The Czech Republic is an EU member state and has an …

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Residence Permits/Visas

The Czech Visa system is often very confusing, especially because changes are made to the law on a regular basis. The best places to find the latest information are the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Police. The best website to visit is www.mvcr.cz. Should you need to fill …

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The Schengen Zone

The Schengen Zone is a group of countries who have removed border controls between them, and the Czech Republic joined this group in 2008. This means that those passing between Schengen Zone countries will not be checked at the border, although the countries still have the right to request documentation …

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Long Term Visa

This visa cannot be used for tourist purposes. A visa over 90 days is only issued upon presenting documents proving a particular purpose for staying in the Czech Republic. This may include: joining family, employment, private business, educational studies, medical treatment. A Visa over 90 days is valid for 1 …

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Listing of Embassies in Prague

Australia – Klimentska 10, Nove Mesto, phone 296578350, fax 296578352 Austria – Victora Huga 10, 151 15 Prague 5, phone 257090511 (www.austria.cz) Albania – Pod Kaštany 22, Prague 6, 160 00, phone: 233 370 594, 233 380 600 Algeria – V Tišině 10/483, P.O. Box 204, Prague 6, 160 41, …

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If you travel from Prague to another EU country, you can take an unlimited amount of most goods, including alcohol and tobacco, if they are for your own personal use and are not transported by a third party. Although if you are returning back to the UK, the official line …

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