Duty: When bringing goods into the Czech Republic there are limits set on certain commodities. If a certain amount is exceeded, duty must be paid, and the importer is required to inform customs of the amount of the commodity he or she is bringing in to the country. For more information visit Czech Customs Service website.

Currency limit: When bringing in currency, travellers cheques or credit notes worth more than 15,000 euros, the Czech Finance Ministry must be informed of the sum by filling in a form available at customs.

VAT refunds: Travellers from countries outside the EU may request VAT to be returned on purchases over 2,000 CZK.


If you travel from Prague to another EU country, you can take an unlimited amount of most goods, including alcohol and tobacco, if they are for your own personal use and are not transported by a third party. Although if you are returning back to the UK, the official line …

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