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Work and Study

Finding work for foreigners without special skills is difficult despite the fact that the unemployment rate in Prague is low. The best choice is to look for work as an English tutor (generally a degree is required but not always). Recommended websites if you are looking for job in Prague are:  www.jobs.cz  or www.expats.cz. Without proper qualifications and knowledge of the Czech language you can find seasonal work during the summer at some hostels, hotels or restaurants (best to look for a foreign-owned business like Irish pubs etc.). There are quite a lot of overseas companies which do business in Prague but they usually send their trained employees from their home headquarters so it is very unlikely that you will be lucky if you contact them while you are in Prague. The Prague also attracts workers (often working without proper visa) from Central & East European states, plus former Soviet countries like the Ukraine.  According to statistic, 290 000 foreigners were working in the Czech Republic as at 1 December 2008.

Working And Living in Prague

Residence and work permits don’t have to be accessed before your arrival in the Czech Rep, but you will find it a lot simpler here if you arrange everything before you come. Should you decide to deal with things after entering the country with your tourist stamp or visa, or …

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Universities in Prague

Charles University (Read more) Address: Celetná 13, 110 00 Prague 1 Website: www.cuni.cz   Academy of Performing Arts The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague offers study programmes at three independent schools: Theatre Faculty, Film and TV School, and Music Faculty. Address: Malostranské náměstí 12, Prague 1, 118 00 Website: …

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Residence Permits/Visas

The Czech Visa system is often very confusing, especially because changes are made to the law on a regular basis. The best places to find the latest information are the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Police. The best website to visit is www.mvcr.cz. Should you need to fill …

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Work and Jobs in Prague

If you are an EU citizen you don’t need a work permit to work in Prague. The most common jobs for foreigners are teaching English, German or other languages. You might also find employment with some foreign-owned businesses. Some bars and restaurants are also looking for English-speaking staff, especially at …

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Available salaries in Prague

There are a number of factors involved with the salaries in Prague. These numbers depend on the field itself and the expertise that it requires. Certain fields and specialties are always going to earn higher than others. Here are some of the details related to the salaries in Prague:   …

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Effective methods of finding jobs in Prague

People who travel to Prague and are not EU or EEA citizens must have the proper documentation to work. It is important to get this paperwork satisfied prior to coming to this area. Employees with transfer positions need to consult their employers about these documents. Visas are issued based upon …

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Locating a teaching Job in Prague

The affects of the worldwide economic recession has caused changes in employment. It isn’t as easy today to find teaching jobs as it was years ago. Prague still has a large need for English language teachers. These jobs and other employment opportunities are available here. Although online classified ads are …

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Charles University

Charles University is Prague’s largest university, the most prestigious in the whole country, and also the oldest in all of Central and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1348, it originally consisted of four faculties, and was sanctioned by Charles I himself. The University was multicultural from the start, consisting of Czech, …

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Prague College

Prague College doesn’t neglect that other important aspect of being a student—your social life, and organizes events through the year. Recently, the college celebrated its fifth birthday with a bash at La Fabrika. Even if you’re not a student, Prague College provides a wealth of cultural events throughout the year …

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