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Work and Study

Finding work for foreigners without special skills is difficult despite the fact that the unemployment rate in Prague is low. The best choice is to look for work as an English tutor (generally a degree is required but not always). Recommended websites if you are looking for job in Prague are:  www.jobs.cz  or www.expats.cz. Without proper qualifications and knowledge of the Czech language you can find seasonal work during the summer at some hostels, hotels or restaurants (best to look for a foreign-owned business like Irish pubs etc.). There are quite a lot of overseas companies which do business in Prague but they usually send their trained employees from their home headquarters so it is very unlikely that you will be lucky if you contact them while you are in Prague. The Prague also attracts workers (often working without proper visa) from Central & East European states, plus former Soviet countries like the Ukraine.  According to statistic, 290 000 foreigners were working in the Czech Republic as at 1 December 2008.

Faculty of Law

If you take a look at the central hall, you will see a fascinating contrast caused by the difference between the appearance of the facade and the vast space of the monumental hall, surrounded up to the ceiling by three storeys of side galleries. Charles University´s Faculty of Law became …

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Tips for Students in Prague

If you are a student and coming just for a trip or for study you should take your ISIC card with you. You can obtain discounts at a large range of places including museums (50%), transport (trains, public transport passes, buses, etc.), theatres, cinemas and restaurants where the ISIC card …

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Student Hangouts

There is almost no city better for students to hang out than in Prague.  It is nearly impossible to hit all the clubs, bars and cafes the city has to offer.  The activity transitions easily from the daytime hours to night and there is always plenty to do and see.  …

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Student Housing

Should you be a student, you’ll often be given a dormitory room (a ‘kolej’) which can be shared with room-mates or just be a single room. As universities do not have traditional campuses, university dormitories are spread across Prague. You will probably need to utilize public transport to get yourself …

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