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Cleaners, Laborers and Chefs. See Who Czech Companies Are Most Looking for in 2018

Chefs, welders and labourers are among the most sought-after vocations of the present. Companies are looking for 12,000 production aids and 7.5 thousand cleaners. How much do they offer? See the following list of the most searched professions.

Construction Worker

The most in-demand profession that companies needed at the Labor Offices in September 2017, when the latest available data on labour market developments and unemployment were available. Altogether, they were looking for 13,345 workers. The number of worker’s earnings in the construction industry may vary considerably, depending on the type of work or contract. Wages range from 14 to 30 thousand crowns.

Production Workers

The second most wanted group was production workers. Employers needed 11,852 of them in September 2017. They will earn from 14 to 20 thousand.


9134 drivers were needed in September for a variety of jobs. The wages of truck drivers range from 20 to 35 thousand.


Cleaners earn from 80 to 150 crowns per hour. In September, there were 7577 cleaners and helpers needed in hotels and administrative, industrial and other buildings.


The fourth group is other workers, this time assembling. According to estimates by the Randstad personnel counselling team, assemblers earn between 14 and 20 thousand. As with all professions, however, there are significant differences in the position of the assemblers, depending on the region or the level of the position. In particular, manufacturing and logistics companies offer a variety of benefits to basic gross wages.


Another desired professional group is chefs. Employers were looking for 5750 of them. Their salary ranges from CZK 13,000, for example, in school and kindergarten, to 25,000 crowns in regular restaurants. However, the total monthly income may rise due to tips, usually shared among the kitchen staff.


Those who run the welding technology earn from 18,000 to 35,000. It depends on the certificates and practice. They can apply to buildings, workshops, factories or power plants.

Operators of flame-cutting machines

Other desirable occupations are the operators of flame-cutting machines that process metal. Their earnings range from 16,000 to 30,000.


Soldering workers’ wages range from 16,000 to 30,000 per month. The wage range is the same as for flame-cutters.

Forklift Truck Operators

Our report is closed by forklift truck operators and warehouse managers. Companies in September sought 4929 operators. Their wages ranged from 16,000 to 35,000.​



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