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Conference venues in the Czech Republic

Conference centres are located across the entire Czech Republic but mostly in Prague, accommodating up to 9000 delegates in some cases. The total capacity of conference facilities in the whole country is almost 50,000 places, all found in modern establishments. One of the big advantages of holding a conference in the Czech Republic is value for money. The highest standards of service are provided, while costs are kept low.

Conference venues - Prague

Prague offers excellent conference venues with the latest facilities and is easily reachable from other major EU cities by just a one or two-hour flight. But costs for organising such events there are generally higher compared to other Czech cities. Though most conference and meeting events are held in Prague for obvious reasons, we should also mention other suitable cities in the Czech Republic to hold your conference. Should you wish to hold a small seminar or a business lunch, Prague is definitely the best option. But in some particular cases where cost plays an important role and where the group range is not exactly very small, it might be wise to choose cities like Brno or Liberec. You will be paying less while the standard of service is the same. Some companies or organisers might prefer special and unique places for their meetings like chateaux or spa cities which are also not very far from Prague. Should you want to combine your conference with an exhibition, try Brno or Ostrava, which offers huge exhibition spaces. Another advantage of holding your conference outside of Prague is accommodation costs; usually, half price compared to the capital Prague. But on the other hand, you must add ground transport costs as there are not many direct flights to destinations outside Prague.

Exhibition venues

Should you want to combine your conference with an exhibition, there are many exhibition venues in the Czech Republic to choose from.

  • Prague Trade Fair Area Letnany (www.pva.cz) 35 000 m2

Spa towns


The unique character of the Czech Republic is best experienced in romantic places where conferences can also be held. Wouldn’t you like to hold a party at a chateau? There are tens of historical venues to choose from where staff are ready and waiting to put on the perfect event.

  • Zbiroh
  • Jemniště
  • Dobříš
  • Mikulov
  • Congress Centre Litomyšl

Other popular venues

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