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If you travel from Prague to another EU country, you can take an unlimited amount of most goods, including alcohol and tobacco, if they are for your own personal use and are not transported by a third party. If you are returning to the UK, the official line is that customs officers are more likely to ask questions if you have more than the following: 3200 cigarettes, 110 litres of beer, 90 litres of wine, 20 litres of fortified wine, 10 litres of spirits etc.

TIP: Are you a smoker? Then visit duty-free shops when leaving back home as cigarettes are there quite cheap (82 CZK).

Customs allowance for NON-EU traveller when taking goods into the Czech Republic are 2L of wine, 1L of spirits, 200 cigarettes and up to 6000 CZK worth of gifts. When you are shopping at the airport, duty must be paid on goods exceeding 30.000CZK in total value. Duty on consumer goods is 20%. It is forbidden to export genuine antiques. If you have more than 350.000 CZK (around 15.000 EUR) in any currency, you must declare it (anti-laundering law).  

Animals and Plants

Export of specially protected animals and plants, and minerals is prohibited. Exceptionality, in cases deserving special attention, the Ministry of the Environment may grant an export permit. Import and export of protected species of animals and plants (both living and non-living) are prohibited.

Prohibitions and Limitations for Export of Cultural Memorials

Export of a cultural memorial requires the consent of the Ministry of Culture.

Restricted import

– weapons
– plants
– spare parts and vehicle tires
– medicaments

Forbidden import

– raw meat
– neat alcohol
– drugs, narcotics
– materials promoting Nazism and racism
– weapons and explosive

Import, Export and Transit of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives

A traveller may not import, export or transport in transit explosives as goods of non-commercial nature.  

Import, Export and Transit of Dependency-producing Substances and Pharmaceuticals

Export and import of dependency-producing substances and auxiliary substances are subject to the Ministry of Health permit.
Medicaments – Export and import of dependency-producing substances and auxiliary substances are subject to permit issued by the Ministry of Health except those needed for personal traveller’s use.  

Import and Export of Money

A natural person entering or leaving the customs territory of the EU is obliged to notify the customs office in writing of import and export of valid banknotes and coins of the Czech or other legal tender, traveller’s cheques or money orders exchangeable for cash, bearer or order securities or valuable commodities, such as precious metals or stones, in a total value exceeding EUR 15000.

In case of doubt contact for advice

  • Celní ředitelství Praha (Custom Administration Prague) Prague 1, Washingtonova 11, tel: +420 261334203; website.
  • Ruzyne Airport Customs Office, Airport Bussiness Centre, Aviaticka 12, Tel. +420 266090996
  • International Post – Customs Office, Plzeňská 139, Praha 5, Tel. +420 257019111

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