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Czech Garnet

czech_granat.jpgThe blood-red garnet is the official Czech national gem, rated among the world’s finest. The Czech garnet is a popular urban accessory, and is even considered as the best tourist purchase if you are jewellery-shopping in Prague. Garnets aren’t necessarily deep red. There are at least five specific kinds; some are almost transparent and others are black, while the scarce green garnet is much sought-after. According to Czech legends the gemstone consistently wields its mystical powers to replace sadness with joy.

Czech Garnet jewelry


Most garnets are mined near the small town of Teplice, situated about 63km northwest of Prague. Garnets are produced by a single company – Granat Turnov – which has branches in Dlouha and Panska street and many resellers. It is recommended that you purchase stones from a reputable shop and demand a certificate, as there have been some reports of fake purchases. A small garnet necklace or ring can be purchased for less than 1000 CZK, but prices mainly depend on whether they’re set in silver or gold.

Czech Garnet

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  1. Hi!
    I got a necklace and a bracelet from a Cze lady vising us, and i believe, its garnets, actually my husband told me so, my husband is a Cze man. The most beautiful deep red stone… The lady came in a Safari group to my country and she knew a friend of my husband’s who lives in the Cze Republic, and he hooked her up with us.
    What a pleasant lady!
    I got this lovely gift from her and no one knows how i treasure it!

  2. I really like this stone! It looks so aristocratic and stylish! I bought a wonderful necklace in a small shop on Panska street. The seller speaks English and was very helpful. If I may, I want to recommend shop Museum Magic Garnet, because they spent with me a lot of time and help me to make a right decision. And, as they told me, wherever you buy garnet, always ask about the sertificate of garanty.

  3. This was my third time in Prague, and my second visit to this beautiful museum garnet Panska 6! Friendly people, perfect service, wonderful garnet! I bought fantastic earrings and pendant for my wife!

  4. Hello. Prague is historical city with sightseeing places. Garnets are part of Czech. If you will go to Prague, you should go to Museum of Garnet. Address of this museum Panska 6, Prague 1. Just go.

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